Two people, at the same place, at the same time, happy and ready to share in the joy of friends as they start this new chapter in their lives as husband and wife. A wedding; they say it is a perfect place to meet a life partner, and amongst the crowds of joyful people, Rueben spotted his gem, a beautiful stranger he would love to know better. What were the chances of him bumping into this beauty again, considering the wedding was out of town, it was now or never for him. Some risks had to be taken, and that is exactly what he did when he noticed his beauty and the friend excuse themselves from the celebrations, he followed. Just like that he got the opportunity he needed to speak to her, her name was Frida. He made sure to get her phone number despite the fact that his phone was off. “I was traveling back home from the wedding, she traveled before me, and through out the entire journey she wanted to make sure I got home safe and she did not sleep till I did. That is when I knew, this was my gem and they say when you know you should put a ring a on it, which I did after having shared several cherished moments.”

Black and white, simple and elegant is what they were going for with their theme colours. Finally, this time it was their day, others had come to share in their day and witness as they began this new chapter. Their story began at a wedding and now they would continue to write it. “She is exactly what I was looking for and so much more, loving, caring, generous. Being an only child I always wanted my wife to be my friend and sister aswell, and I found that in Frida.”


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Her parents house, guess that is how she would have to refer to the place henceforth, because on this day that would change, on this day she would become Emmanuel’s wife, and together they would have their own home. Thursday, 27th July 2017, it seemed to be a date set, until the day was finally here, he could not wait to see her, and neither could she, on this day they would be wed and start off their new chapter. The color of love was their theme color, red and beige; simple and elegant. The mood was jovial, the grooms family voices could be heard from outside, happily singings ready to take their bride, and the smile on Joy face explained it all, she would not have wanted it any other way, she was ready to bid her single life goodbye. The feeling was mutual, as Emmanuel shared the final meal with his groomsmen, he could not wait to see his bride.

Maxwell Adventist Academy Chapel, the decor was lovely, aisle had red petals all over. His eyes were glued to him, as his were to her as they walked down the aisle in the company of each parents, towards each other. They met at the center of the aisle and the girl was handed to her groom, signifying that they were now one. Joined together before God, they exited the church as husband and wife, ear to ear smiles glued on their faces, they could not wait to celebrate together with family and friends at the reception that would take place at the same venue.

Shared dance, shared meal, shared moment, great celebration that came to be because of two individuals, who met and fell in love, and decided that they were better together as a team, a couple than as individuals. Two individuals that wanted to spend the rest of their life together, share moments, the good and the bad time, build their home and start their family. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. I feel honored to have been part of your celebration.


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Bright Sunday morning, perfect weather even the sun had come out to partake in their day. Finally the day was here, the day Boniface and Beatrice would become husband and wife, the anticipation could be seen in their faces, it was a big day and they could not wait, they were hours away from being Mr. and Mrs. Royal blue and coral were their theme colors, royal blue dresses and a touch of gold and for the ladies, and a coral dress for the best maid; beige pants, navy blue coat, royal blue and white bowties and pocket squares and suspenders to add onto the look of the men. Her gown was perfect and she looked perfect in it, and he could not wait to se her.

Lavington SDA, is where the service would be taking place. It was a sight for sore eyes, colorful petals on the aisle, several flower bouquets on the sides adding on the colorful dressing of family and friends in attendance, the smiles on their faces, the mood was set. The lack of jewelry was barely noticeable for them, they were more than content with finally being husband and wife, on this day, they began a new chapter of their lives.

Norfolk was the venue for the reception, here the celebration continued. Shared food, happy faces, speeches of how Beatrice and Boniface acme to be, advice from peers and parents, memories were made, moments shared and I am thankful that I had the privilege of sharing in your day. May God guide you both in this new chapter of your life.

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James 1:17, “Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from heaven; it comes down from God, the Creator of the heavenly lights, who does not change or cause darkness by turning.”

I prayed for her, she is a gift to me from God.I saw her first in church. I pursued her for one and half years, she was not for the idea, but i did not give up. I knew what I wanted and went for it, I wanted her, so I engaged closely with her friends , so I would get her attention and get to spend time with her. We have an annual church retreat during the easter period, and we  have a bonding game , where all men and women are required to write their names and drop it in a bowl, one for men and another for the women, and then they would get to pick a name from the bowl of one’s opposite gender. The name one would pick, you had to spend time and treat that individual different. I picked her that helped my case. Eventually, after one and half years, she said yes to be my girlfriend.

I knew she was different, and I treated her as such. I made her a priority and gave her her place in my life, when she needed me, I availed myself. I created time for her, and as I continued to get to know her & after a while we grew in love and inseparable.

On that particular day, she had a clue , but she was not sure. We drove over to Tafariah Castle. The destination was lovely, perfect for the queen that she was, and here I proposed, and she said yes. I cannot express how happy I was to know that soon she will be my wife and I her husband. She is my answered prayer and I will forever be grateful to God for her. I love her longer than forever.




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Myra + Kimm :: KSL Nuptials

I have shot a lot of weddings and Myrah and Kimm wedding has to be one of my favourites. I just love the elegant, fine art look. Not only was everything just drop dead gorgeous thanks to their dream team, but it was so much fun! They had musical acts from their wedding party and family members…but the best was the surprise mash-up dance by Myrah and her Kimm!

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Thee fairmont nuptials :: Tom + Eileen


Seems like only yesterday. Yet it’s been exactly one month already since Tom & Eileen  exchanged there  vows at our the Fairmont situated at the slopes  of  Mount Kenya . The American Wedding held several months earlier was such a blessing as well. We are happy that we made there  dreams become a reality.

Love is a beautiful thing…..