Reuben + Clara :: Riverside Eng Shoot

What can I say about these two, they are just absolutely fabulous in every way. I was so looking forward to photographing Reuben & Clara just before there wedding and the experience did not disappoint from beginning to end as these two were simply amazing.

Engagement shoots are a great opportunity to capture who a couple is and what they enjoy doing together, as well as give us a chance to get to know each other more .

My favourite part about these photos is that you can see just how smitten these two are, by how they look at each other.



One Comment

  1. JUDY KAGENI IKUNDA December 8, 2017 11:29 am

    Reuben and Clara, you two look very lovely. Meant for each others heart. Happy for each other. Grateful for each other. The photographer exactly brought the real look in all of your photos. Your eyes show a lot of appreciation for one another. You are all God given to each other. I can admire and admire you photos so many other times. Good work you are doing Gabriel’s House of photography. May you two love birds live long to love each other forever and ever more. May you continue to show other singles that there is still love and love out ways all.

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