Maurlean + Charles :: A Radisson Blue Wedding

My story:

Thursday, November 27th, 2014 it was yet another annual family reunion in Rockford, Illinois, only this time she was going to attend. It was quite overwhelming for her having been surrounded by family from all over the states. Despite the room full of cheerful people, she landed her eyes on ‘one fine tall-full glass of melanin dude’. From his end as well, he noticed, had an eye on her most of the night. It was her smile that first caught his attention, to him , it literally lit up the room. She had a lot on her on mind, and was relishing the moment with family, and he found the place to crowded, he wanted to give her all his attention, and wanted the same in return, it just was not the place, but for both, it was an unknown beginning.

Friday, December 5th, 2014 at 1:04am, leave it to the woman to remember all the details, on this particular day her ‘fine tall-full glass of melanin’ slid in Facebook messenger and started small talk that ended in exchanging of phone numbers – thanks to Mark Zuckerberg. I mean a man has got to do, what he has got to do, and what better way they taking advantage of the technology available. He made his move, and fortunately for him she was receptive. Friday February 13th, 2015 in Lubbock, Texas they finally met in person. It was the first of many Valentine day’s that they spent together, the beginning of beautiful traditions. Soon enough they started dating and with it came the tides of relationships, the good and bad, however through it all, eventually, Charles realized that he wanted to spend everyday of his life with Maurlean by his side. On Tuesday November 14th, 2017 at a surprise photoshoot she said a tearful YES to her ‘fine tall-full glass of melanin.

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018, was their D-day. Black and white theme, that was obediently honored by all their guests, and look was completed by their bridal party, the ceremony screamed elegance and class. Beside her man, at their outdoor poolside ceremony destination, she said ‘I WILL’ and he could not have been happier.
“Saying I will, means everyday I will outlove and outserve you as your lawful wedded wifey. Cheers to marital bliss. I love you Charlie.” “I saw her, I wanted her, I made her mine, I am blessed to have her as my wife”

Thankyou for having me share in your day. It was an honor. God bless.

A story how I met my wife.
It was November 2014 We were going to a friends family reunion in Rockford IL about 100miles form Chicago IL.
It’s was my Good friend Moraa’s parents house.
Moraa, she is my wife’s Auntie.
I was my wife and I love what I saw, her smile was lighting up the room.
I didn’t talk to her much, they were to many people in the house all the time.
We were leaving back to Dallas I saw her crying and it was a sad moment for her.
When we got back to Texas I started talking to her more and more and we started dating few months after that.
In 2017 November 14 I proposed to her and she said Yes I was one of the happiest days of my life.


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