Colourful & Electric Maxwell + Phylys Nupitals

Engineer meets doctor, not your typical love story but their expressions spoke volumes, they would not want it any other way. Then came love, then marriage…..only they know the rest of their story, they write it as days go by. Back to the day that I had a front row seat to share in the experience, their wedding day; 18th June 2017. Bright Sunday, and the  smile on her face matched the weather perfectly, her mood was infectious, her maids and family all shared in her joy. Finally, one word that summed the mood of the groom, the big day was here, she would be his wife, they would start another chapter in their lives, he simply could not wait. Maroon and navy blue were the theme colors for the day.

Nairobi Central SDA Church, was the destination for the service. In her perfect white gown, and the groom anxiously waiting for his bride, looking sharp in his black suit with a black bowtie to break from the routine tie, they really stood out. He met his bride in the middle of the aisle and accompanied her the rest of the way. Finally, they were here, together, and soon enough they were declared husband and wife, till death did them part. Marist International University College – Karen, was the venue for their reception. The infectious mood spread, the energy, the joy all were ready to celebrate with the couple. Topped up by the shared meal, and the cake for dessert, they had their day, finally!!!

On a day she thought ordinary, he invited her to have dinner with him at  Kempinsky, she was more than happy to oblige. For him though this was a game changer, a day when the course of their relationship would change forever. He got down and one knee and proposed, and fortunately she said yes. This time though, the day was special to both of them, this time they were husband and wife, and it was fit to end the day at this venue that is beyond special in their story.

Maxwell and Phylys, I wish all the best, and may God guide, thank you for inviting me, congratulations.




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  1. Anonymous November 21, 2017 10:00 am

    Good work!

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